How much will it cost to visit Sorrento Medical Centre?

Sorrento Medical is a mixed billing practice

All Doctors will privately bill unless you are or have

  • Pension Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Seniors Health Care Card
  • Children under 16

Please phone the surgery if you require any further information.

Medicare refunds can be done for you at the time of appointment

Approximate out of pocket fees are $15 for a standard consult and $20 after hours

Is there a fee if I do not attend my booked appointment?

Whilst we understand that sometimes things happen and you cannot make your booked appointment we do ask that you please contact our rooms to cancel this appointment. We do require a minimum of 2 hours for cancellations in order for us to ensure that this appointment time can be used by someone else who needs our care. If you do not cancel your booked appointment or do not attend, you will be charged a fee of $20.00 for this missed appointment. It is a requirement of our practice that this fee is paid prior to any further appointments being booked in.

Can I see the same GP each time I visit?

Where possible we will book you in with the same doctor. Unfortunately your preferred doctor may not always be available when you need them. If you cannot wait you can choose to have an appointment with another doctor who will have full access to your notes and then you can choose to return to your preferred doctor.

What if I need a Doctor outside of opening hours?

We have an agreement with Dial a  Doctor who will visit your home and fully bulk bill your doctors visit.

They will provide us with your treatment notes for your file.

To book a visit with Dial a Doctor call 1300 030 030 or book online via this website.

How can I provide feedback to your practice?

We have a customer feedback form and box in our waiting room, or you can email our Practice Manger at complaints@sorrentomc.com.au. Alternatively if you are unhappy with our service and we have been unable to meet your requirements you can contact the state health complaint agency – The Health and Disability Services complaint office GPO Box B61 Perth WA 6838 – Ph: 08 9323 0600 Fax 08 9221 3675 Freecall 1800 813 583

How do I follow up my Test results?

Once you have had the required tests the results will come back to the doctor that referred you. Your doctor will review these results and if they are normal and no action is required you will not hear from us. If your results require a follow up appointment with your doctor we will send you a sms indicating that you require a follow up appointment. If your result require urgent follow up you will receive a call from either your doctor or the practice nurse requesting that you make an appointment to see your GP. For privacy reasons results will not be given out over the phone.  If you would prefer to follow up with your doctor regardless of the result you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your results.

Do you have a reminder system for appointments and tests?

For all of our consultation bookings, we use a computer generated SMS service for reminders of your appointment where your consent has been given. For your routine tests we have a recall system that ensures you will get sms reminding you that you are due for an appointment with your GP eg. in the event of an cervical screening.

Is there any charge for transferring my clinical notes to another practice?

An administration fee will be charged for us to transfer your notes to another Clinic. This is to cover the cost of sending through your information securely And confidentially either by encrypted disc or registered mail.

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